Jaybish is the website for writer John Bishop of Perth, Western Australia.

The site provides basic information and links to where my novels and plays are available.

I am not a prolific writer but I have had some kind feedback and wanted to provide a place where I can interact with readers.

I devise stories of a type I like to read myself. Like many others who write, I do so not to make money but to help keep myself sane in a troubled world. Some say writing is a lonely activity, but it has brought me into contact with interesting people who share a love for creative things.

You can find What Lies Buried at Smashwords by clicking this link.


What Lies Buried

A story of family secrets and misunderstandings, and the way in which they impact down the generations. Walter Blake's death brings a flood of memories to his two daughters. There is the question of what Walter and his wife buried in the garden. The notion of things being buried is also a metaphor for all kinds of issues including, art fraud, family feuds, and holocaust survival.


Field Walking

When a hit man crashes his car on the way to assassinate the Reverend Max Kingsley, a team of undercover police is sent to the New South Wales country town of Arajinna to protect him and his wife Judith. But Lenny d’Aratzio, who ordered the hit, is not about to give up his quest for revenge against the man who helped put him in gaol.